XPDEL launches AI-enabled shipping solution for Indian SMEs

XPDEL, a leading omnichannel fulfillment and logistics services company, has launched its agile and scalable shipping solution in India after succeeding in the US market.

“The XPDEL technology platform helps select the best fares with the fastest delivery methods based on dimensions, distance and service level, providing an enhanced customer experience. It helps to optimize shipping costs while ensuring on-time delivery by offering the ability to choose the best carriers,” reads an official press release.

Developed by Advatix, XPDEL’s in-house technology arm, the shipping solution ensures the highest levels of operational efficiency and scalability. “Its intelligent dashboards allow you to track orders in real-time and send order updates to customers via text or email with branded tracking pages. It is also pre-integrated with a wide network of e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, WMSs and ERPs. With advanced features like Split Ship, XPDEL helps merchants ship from multiple locations or in batches when not all items are in stock. The platform also offers international shipping and an end-to-end returns process.”

Founded by Manish Kapoor in Los Angeles, XPDEL is aggressively expanding its presence in India to help businesses grow by delivering a world-class experience with its world-class services and solutions that are well integrated into local, regional, national and international spaces Customer experience provides carrier.

“The delivery experience needs to be the focus as approximately 85 percent of customers would buy from the same brand repeatedly if they were satisfied with the services,” says Ashish Chadha, CEO of XPDEL India. “We are therefore excited to introduce our technology-enabled shipping solution for B2B and D2C companies, helping them deliver an unparalleled customer experience while optimizing their shipping costs like never before. XPDEL has already set new standards in the US market with our AI-enabled shipping platform, and now we will certainly raise the bar in India with our deep-rooted knowledge and experience.”

XPDEL offers nationwide delivery in the US and covers more than 22,000 PIN codes in India, the publication added.

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