World’s largest methanol engine marks ‘incredible performance’

HHI-EMD – a MAN Energy Solutions two-stroke licensee – marks milestones in Korea with the successful FAT of the world’s largest methanol-powered two-stroke engine, surpassing 200 million hp

At a ceremony in South Korea on March 22, HHI-EMD celebrated the world’s largest two-stroke methanol engine, a MAN B&W Type G95ME-LGIM. At the same time, manufacturing the engine pushed the company past the milestone of 200 million horsepower braking power for low-revving two-stroke engines.

Bjarne Foldager, Head of Two-Stroke Business, attended the ceremony on behalf of MAN Energy Solutions. In a speech at the event, he congratulated Hyundai, referred to the cooperation between the two companies that began in 1974 and stated that Hyundai was the first engine manufacturer to reach the 200 million hp mark: “It took about 35 years 100 million for the first one Braking HP and only 13 years for the next 100 million – an unbelievable achievement!”

As for the engine itself, Foldager said: “With a 95 cm cylinder bore, this is the largest methanol engine in the world. And perhaps most importantly, when this engine is in operation, it saves 130,000 tons of CO2 annually when running on CO2-neutral methanol. We have a great responsibility for the future to develop and produce environmentally friendly engines and ships. We are really proud to support Hyundai on this important journey and hope to celebrate many new milestones together in the future.”

Subsequently, the methanol engine G95ME-C10.5-LGIM was able to report a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in the first half of April.

About the MAN B&W ME-LGIM engine

MAN Energy Solutions has developed the ME-LGIM dual-fuel engine for operation with methanol and conventional fuel. The engine is based on the company’s proven ME series with around 8,500 engines in use and works on the diesel principle. When operated with green methanol, the engine offers CO2-neutral propulsion for large merchant ships. More than 100 ME-LGIM engines are currently on order or in service, of which more than 50 are G95ME-C10.5 LGIM variants.

Methanol tankers have been operating with the engine at sea for many years and as such the ME-LGIM has a proven track record of great reliability and high fuel efficiency.

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