With the new policy framework, the logistics giant hopes to spur revenue growth

As the government anticipates that the new logistics policies will bring about transformative change by boosting economic growth and creating job opportunities, several players are hoping to increase their sales and redefine logistics solutions to compete in the global market

Accuracy Shipping, a leading player in logistics, said it wants to tap into the regions and markets with potential to help shape the crucial roadmap that government and industry stakeholders have highlighted as essential for development.

Accuracy has an extensive and well-developed network that has a bandwidth that allows it to offer services across the board with ease. Therefore, Accuracy told the exchanges that it intends to create new revenue streams through backward and forward integration to strengthen the range of services it offers.

The company aspires to become an “end-to-end logistics player” and would like to benefit from an extensive presence throughout the value chain by offering logistics solutions under one roof.

Companies flourished in the global and Indian markets after the Corona crisis. Recognizing opportunities were at its doorstep, Accuracy rooted itself deeper as the company took full advantage to grow. The company’s portfolio has evolved over time and offers comprehensive logistics solutions in the areas of customs clearance, freight forwarding, shipping, air freight, consolidation, sea-air, transport, warehousing, cross trades and overseas warehousing.

Turnover was Rs.365 crore in FY21 and rose to Rs.818 crore in the following FY2010. The company has set a goal of paying off its debts in order to become debt-free.

The year 2023 marks a pivotal moment for the logistics industry as there are likely to be advances in efficient transportation, resource use and optimisation.

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