White House comments on port disruptions as trade groups call for intervention

The reaction came as several trade groups called on the Biden administration to intervene in negotiations between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association after several terminal gates were closed last week.

“The way forward is for dockers and their employers to finalize negotiations in a way that workers get the wages, benefits and quality of life they so desperately deserve,” said Jean-Pierre, also commenting on the negotiations between UPS and the teamsters. “And that is what we continue to demand: asking both parties to come to a table so that this can be resolved.”

Here’s a look at what several trade associations had to say as they called for the Biden administration to intervene in the West Coast port dispute.

Retail Industry Leaders Association (June 2)

As disruptions first hit the ports on Friday, the Retail Industry Leaders Association issued a statement saying any disruption or disruption to port operations could have an immediate impact that would make it harder for retailers to serve the American consumer supply.

“As supply chains have become increasingly flexible and resilient in extreme circumstances over the past several years, leading retailers will continue to take all steps to ensure customers do not feel the impact of this activity,” said Jessica Dankert, Vice President of Supply Chain at RILA in a statement.

Dankert said it was imperative that all parties come together to resolve Friday’s disruption as soon as possible and continue negotiations.

“If this work stoppage drags on and contract negotiations continue to fail, the Biden-Harris administration needs to step in and negotiate a deal,” she said.

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