We will let the market drive the expansion of our new facility

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, announced in May 2023 the opening of its new manufacturing facility just outside of Bangalore, Karnataka. Bastian’s first production plant in India is scheduled to be operational by October 2023.

The new production site for Bastian Solutions extends over around two hectares. Initial hiring efforts at the facility will focus on mechanical and electrical engineers to support production and subsequently increase the workforce in the country. The facility will be located in the Indospace region just outside of Bangalore and is ideally located for distribution throughout the country.

“We will let the market drive the expansion of our new plant. Hence, we will start with our DC Conveyor product line and from there we will serve the needs of the consumers in the Indian market. That’s what we’re going to push in this business. Our goal is to quickly exceed the capacity of this facility, but we will let the market dictate when that happens,” said James Clark, VP of Manufacturing Strategy and Operations, Bastian Solutions.

In the new facility in Banglore, Bastian Solutions plans to bring a near-replica of what they use at their facility in Westville, Indiana, USA.

“We will be starting operations in Bangalore with an automated assembly line that will allow us to manage production time, bringing quality back into the product.” We don’t have team members rushing or trying to complete an operation to hurry as the automated assembly line prevents this. It ensures the safety of employees and ensures that quality is embedded in them. Each product will also include our quality management system, which will be digitally integrated into the production process,” added Clark.

According to India Warehouse Market Report 2023, warehouse leasing in Bangalore remained strong in FY2023 due to high tenant interest in this sector. In the 2023 financial year, the manufacturing sector dominated the tenant share with a share of 47% of the total letting.

“We are seeing a tremendous growth rate in the Indian warehousing business and are here to deliver solutions to our customers who realize they need to increase their warehousing speed. They want to get into micro-fulfillment and warehousing, so we’re developing this new facility to help them succeed. We are investing our time and talent in Bangalore to truly offer a solution to warehouse customers,” said Clark.

Modern warehousing is becoming increasingly competitive as technology advances, prompting companies to consider integrating robots into their existing warehouses. Robots will become an important element of the warehouse sector, increasing productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

“Bastion Solutions is well versed in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in general for the warehousing business. Currently, some new offerings have been launched as well as new products that are currently being researched and developed. At the same time, these enable the use of AI to better distribute products within a warehouse and to a customer. That’s why it’s vital to us, and we’re investing heavily in R&D and manufacturing operations,” added Clark.

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