Wallenius Wilhelmsen unveils new corporate structure with a focus on decarbonization Ship’s crew

The Wallenius Wilhelmsen shipping company has announced a new management team and a new corporate structure effective March 30.

The changes aim to strengthen the company’s existing business, focus on the transition to zero emissions and increase digital excellence in the development and delivery of services to customers.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen is a global freight forwarding and logistics company specializing in the transport of cars, trucks, boats and other rolling cargo. The company operates a fleet of around 125 vessels, as well as eight terminals and 66 processing centers.

“We achieved record results in 2022. We continue to see strong demand for our services and expect strong results going forward,” says CEO Lasse Kristoffersen. “The new corporate structure will allow us to deliver in the short term and help us to develop our ambitions in the medium to long term. We will be at the forefront of transforming shipping and logistics into a decarbonized, digital and resilient future.”

Kristoffersen believes that climate change is the company’s biggest challenge and has therefore created a new task force, the Orcelle Accelerator, to ensure a faster transition to green fuels and introduce zero-emission end-to-end services, until 2027.

“We want to be ‘shapers’ in the fight against climate change. This can be a car, an excavator or a battery pack, they all have to be emission-free in the future. Shipping and logistics must be emission-free,” says Kristoffersen.

The company has also established a new business unit to develop and scale new digital supply chain solutions and a strong, integrated marketing and communications team.

Executive management team

The new Executive Board consists of:

  • Chief Financial Officer, Torbjørn Wist, who is responsible for Treasury, IR, Finance & Accounting, Tax and Global Business Performance (including M&A and Corporate Risk).
  • Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer, Wenche Agerup, who is responsible for driving all people development, compliance and legal affairs efforts
  • Chief Communications and & Marketing Officer, Anette M. Koefoed, who is responsible for all marketing and communications externally and internally
  • Chief Technology and Information Officer, Gro Rognstad (acting), responsible for building and operating world-class digital infrastructure, applications and acceleration
  • Chief Customer Officer, Pia Synnerman, responsible for sales and business development towards our customers
  • Chief Operating Officer Shipping, Xavier Leroi, who is responsible for all shipping activities at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean, EUKOR and Armacup
  • Chief Operating Officer Logistics, Mike Hynekamp, ​​who is responsible for all sea terminals, auto and equipment processing centers and inland transportation
  • Chief Operating Officer – Digital Supply Chain Solutions, Mike Hynekamp, ​​who is responsible for the development and delivery of digital supply chain solutions

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