Vizhinjam is set to become a major commercial and industrial area, says KN Balagopal

Not only will Vizhinjam International Seaport be a cargo handling hub, but the area including Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram will become an important commercial and industrial area once the port project becomes a reality, says Finance Minister KN Balagopal.

He was speaking after the inauguration of the “Entrance and Exit Gate Complex” at the Vizhinjam International Seaport here on Wednesday.

The state government’s proposal to build an outer ring road from Vizinjam to Navaikulam was taken into account against this background, the minister said. Once the Vizhinjam project would become a reality, 80% of the cargo ships destined for different parts of the country would leave the area. It’s easy to imagine the endless possibilities that the port of Vizhinjam would bring if the port were to handle around 80% of India’s domestic cargo traffic, Mr Balagopal said.

More business would come to Vizianjam than Sri Lanka, Singapore and the ports of Dubai. As a result, the current areas and areas would not be sufficient for industrial growth. The 1,000 crore ring road project was planned to keep track of the area’s development as the port came on stream. As the industrial centers and logistic centers would arise on both sides of the ring road, the project aimed to enable the industrial development of the entire project area through the acquisition of more land with the participation of the private sector and the public.

The smaller ports in Kerala would also become trading hubs along the Kerala coast after the port becomes operational, said Ports Minister Ahammad Devarkovil, who chaired the event. The “In and Out Gate Complex” built at the project site would facilitate the handling of container traffic at the container terminal and at the replacement yard.

In addition to the gate complex with an area of ​​approx. 1,500 square meters, a security building was also inaugurated. The security building is located at the main entrance of the secured port boundary after crossing the gate complex. It provides security surveillance at the main gate, truck access and exit lanes. The building allows visual access to the gate complex and the public carriageway (Port Road). The building is equipped with central security monitoring and announcement boards, CCTV monitors and controls with split screen and view selection capability. The In and Out Gate Complex including the security building was constructed at a cost of ₹6.17 crore.

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