Visakhapatnam Port is set to become a green port with green tugboats and land-to-ship projects

Visakhapatnam Port plans to become a green port through the expansion of 15MW solar power projects and the launch of Shore-to-Ship project and green tugs, said M Angamuthu, chairman of Visakhapatnam Port Authority.

“We intend to improve our cargo throughput using the best available Key Port Performance Indicators,” he said.

These green port initiatives are similar to European ports such as Rotterdam and Hamburg.

Tugs, used to tow and push large cargo ships and to enter and exit a port, are fueled by bunker oil, but the port plans to introduce electrically powered, environmentally friendly tugs. Tugs are also used as rescue vessels for safety and emergency needs.

“It will take up to two years,” Angamuthu said, adding that the Port Authority also intends to replace all diesel and gasoline vehicles with CNG.

He said the agency also wants to conduct a credit assessment of the port, which handled a record 73.75 million tons of cargo in 2022-23.

These initiatives align with the center’s Green Port Guidelines, which aim to achieve zero carbon emissions by promoting environmentally friendly practices in port development, operations and maintenance.

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