Visakhapatnam Port Authority records highest container throughput in June 2023

The Port Authority of Visakhapatnam set the milestone of the highest container throughput ever recorded in a month with a record throughput of 63,256 TEU in June 2023, significantly surpassing the previous best container throughput of 61,468 TEU in May 2023.

The port also handled the highest number of container ships in a month; 49, which is the best reading of the previous month. The state-of-the-art container terminal in VPA has been setting these standards for the highest performance standards since it was founded in 2003 and is growing steadily year after year.

Port of Vizag is strategically located on the east coast of India and has a deep and natural draft that allows the handling of large container ships.

The volume growth in container throughput is driven by increases in EXIM, coastal and transshipment traffic from Visakhapatnam’s vast mineral-rich hinterland. Commodities such as rice, corn, iron, frozen seafood, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and metals contribute to this growth.

Interestingly, Visakhapatnam Port Authority is the country’s leading port with a 26.36% share in the marine products export segment alone. Numerous exporters of marine products are based in Andhra Pradesh and exporters from the neighboring state of Odisha also prefer Vizag Port for its global connectivity provided by the main liner services.

Vizag’s immediate hinterland consists of North and Central Andhra Pradesh, South and Central Odisha and Chhattisgarh and contributes to volume growth. With the improved road and rail connectivity, VPA has broadened its horizons to the secondary hinterland and has also entered the regions of West Maharashtra, Telangana, North and West Odisha and South Andhra Pradesh by road.

Visakhapatnam Port Authority achieved FY23 cargo turnover of 73.73 MMT, securing 4thth position among all major ports of India and ranked 2ndnd on the east coast of India. The port has been aggressively expanding capacity and developing infrastructure to meet its target of 100 MMTs by FY25, with container throughput expected to contribute significantly.

In this regard, VPA continues to take various initiatives to improve port capacity, road connectivity, rail connectivity and other related infrastructure to facilitate the growth of EXIM and coastal trade of the region.

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