Virginia Attack Boat SSN-808 is named after former Secretary of the Navy John Dalton Maritime India News

Virginia class submarine with the Virginia Payload Module

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro will name the future Virginia-class nuclear attack boat SSN-808 after a former Navy secretary, the Naval Service said Tuesday.

The submarine is named in honor of John Dalton, who served as Secretary of the 70th Navy from 1993 to 1998.

Dalton, a 1964 graduate of the Naval Academy, served aboard the submarines USS blueback (SS-581) and USS John C Calhoun (SSBN-630) during his time in the Navy, according to a Naval Service bulletin.

Former Secretary of the Navy John H. Dalton

In the press release, Del Toro said he named the submarine after Dalton because of the former secretary’s service as a submariner and his role in helping the integration of women sailors on combat ships. Del Toro announced the name while attending the dinner for select submarine officers at the Naval Academy. Dalton

“The changes he pioneered nearly thirty years ago are evident in every corner of our Navy today as women serve on, above and below the sea,” Del Toro said in the press release. “A ship that bears his name empowers the crew who will no doubt lead it with the courage and dignity of a John H. Dalton.”

SSN-808 will be the sixth Block V Virginia to be fitted with the Virginia payload module, which will deploy a combination of Tomahawk land-attack missiles and long-range hypersonic missiles. The first Virginia with VPM, Arizona (SSN-803), is under construction at the General Dynamics Electric Boat facility in Quonset Point, RI.

Virginia-class submarines were originally named after states. Following Arizonathe last four attack boats were after former Navy attack submarines.

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