US presidential candidate DeSantis is calling on the Coast Guard and Navy to ban ships bound for Mexico fighting fentanyl Ship’s crew

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, current Florida governor, is calling on the US Navy and Coast Guard to blockade Mexican ports to stem the flow of deadly fentanyl across the southern border into the US.

Of course, the United Nations Law of the Sea prohibits such an action based on the principle of freedom of navigation.

Gov. DeSantis announced the plan Monday during a campaign stop in Eagle Pass, Texas, where he announced his border security plan.

According to DeSantis, Mexican cartels import “precursor” chemicals on ships to make synthetic fentanyl, which is then shipped across the border to the United States

“We will mobilize the Coast Guard and Navy to ban the use of chemical precursors,” Gov. DeSantis said Monday.

DeSantis’ campaign website confirms the plan and promises “direct action to combat anti-cartel activity if necessary.”

“And if the Mexican government doesn’t do anything to prevent the drug precursors from getting into the hands of cartels through Mexican ports, we will send in the Coast Guard and the Navy,” his campaign website reads.

The Biden administration announced new plans in March to combat fentanyl smuggling into the US across the southern border. The Department of Homeland Security’s campaign known as Operation Blue Lotus has produced a result 300% increase in fentanyl seizures compared to the same period last year, with 4,721 pounds of fentanyl seized and over 200 arrests made in the two months following its launch. The campaign included the deployment of additional agents and officers, targeted inspections, advanced technology, and increased intelligence gathering efforts.

In statewide polls, DeSantis trails former President Donald Trump by a wide margin, despite state and federal criminal charges being filed against the former president in New York and Florida as criminal investigations into his conduct following his 2020 election defeat continue.

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