US plans to set up naval logistics center in India: report

The US plans to set up naval logistics centers in India to serve as centers for the supply and maintenance of naval vessels in the South Asia region, a report said.

Discussions on the matter took place between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden during his US state visit in June. Both leaders discussed these issues as part of expanding comprehensive defense and economic partnerships between the two countries.

The report states that the US will support India in building infrastructure for the supply, repair and maintenance of ships and aircraft.

The report states that the India-US Defense Acceleration Ecosystem, or INDUS-X, was established on June 21 during Prime Minister Modi’s state visit to the United States.

The US Department of Defense said INDUS X will help revitalize “India-US defense industrial cooperation.” The Department of Defense said the goal of Indus-X is to make India “a logistics hub for the US and other partners in the Indo-Pacific region,” according to the report.

The US currently has naval bases in Japan and Singapore. The US believes creating naval hubs in India would help Washington gain “much-needed flexibility” in the vast Indian Ocean (IOR) region.

“We currently operate from Diego Garcia and Western Australia in the Indian Ocean. “Securing a maintenance, repair and logistics center on the subcontinent is important as it would give us much-needed flexibility in the vast Indian Ocean region,” Harry Harris, former commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, was quoted as saying.

The US fears that it will fall behind in terms of naval superiority if it does not expand its operations. The Pentagon’s annual report on China states that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has around 355 ships and submarines, making it one of the largest in the world.

The Biden government also wants to expand the partnership with India beyond the Indian Ocean region. The report also said that India and the US want to increase cooperation with India in the South China Sea as well.

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