US Coast Guard convenes Navy Board of Inquiry to investigate Titan loss Ship’s crew

The US Coast Guard has convened a Marine Board of Investigation (MBI), its highest level of inquiry, into the loss of the ship titanium Submersible and the five people on board.

The crew of the Canadian-flagged expedition ship polar prince lost contact titanium 1 hour and 45 minutes after his dive on Sunday 18 June. After an extensive multinational search and rescue operation led by the US Coast Guard, the wreck of the titanium was on the seabed about 500 meters forward of the bow of the titanic Approximately 96 hours after the submarine was launched.

The news from the Marine Board of Investigation comes after the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday the Coast Guard classified the incident as a serious marine casualty.

Marine investigative committees are chaired by a chairperson experienced in investigating marine casualties and are assisted by qualified Coast Guard marine casualty investigators, technical experts, legal advisers and other support personnel. The Board will work to determine the cause of an accident, whether misconduct or negligence contributed to the cause, whether any law was violated, and whether new law or regulation is needed to prevent future victims.

Upon completion of the investigation, the Board will provide the Coast Guard Commander with a report detailing the evidence gathered, the facts established, its conclusions and recommendations.

The Coast Guard said the MBI will work closely with other national and international agencies, including the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Canadian Transportation Safety Board (TSB), the French Marine Casualties Investigation Board and the United Kingdom Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has also launched an investigation into the incident polar prince flag state.

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