UP exports increase by Rs 10,000 crore compared to 2021-22: FIEO

The latest data from the Federation of India Exports Organization (FIEO) shows that Uttar Pradesh’s exports increased by Rs.10 trillion over the past year.

Noida, which is one of the most industrialized areas in the state, is the top exporting district at Rs 74,000 crore.

FIEO says government subsidies to deal with high transportation costs given UP’s landlocked status and promotion of the One District One product program have helped boost exports.

According to the data, the total exports of UP in 2021-22 was Rs. 1.57 million, while it reached Rs. 1.59 billion from April 2022 to February 2023. Sources said the March 2023 filings were expected to be worth around Rs 1.67 million.

Compared to other states, UP still has enormous room for improvement.

In 2021-22, Gujarat topped all states with exports of 9.46 million rupees, followed by Maharashtra with 5.45 billion rupees. UP is fifth on the list behind Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

UP mainly exports to USA, UAE, Germany, UK, Nepal, France, Spain, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. Products boosting the state’s exports include telecommunications instruments, buffalo meat, RMG cotton including accessories, RMG synthetic fibers, leather shoes, saddlery and horse harness, aluminum and aluminum products, silk and hand-made carpets, machinery and technical goods, wheat, rice, Sugar, Iron and Steel, Handicrafts, etc.

According to FIEO, the state government’s export promotion programs were the reasons for the growth of UP. Financial support for transportation is also offered, helping to regulate the cost of exporting from UP, a landlocked country. This includes subsidies for freight and for export goods sent by air.

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