United Arab Emirates and DNV open maritime decarbonization center in the Middle East Ship’s crew

The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and DNV have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a new UAE Maritime Decarbonization Centre, which will work to bring together stakeholders from across the maritime industry and beyond to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.

The establishment of the new center comes after International Maritime Organization (IMO) member states agreed on a revised strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. These include reaching net greenhouse gas emissions by near 2050, introducing alternative fuels by 2030, and tentative control points for 2030 and 2040.

The center will take a multifaceted approach, working to lead joint industry research programmes, collaborating with government, industry and academia stakeholders, and attracting and nurturing new talent to the industry.

“The Det Norske Veritas Foundation is driven by a desire to help society deal with major global changes,” said Remi Eriksen, President and CEO of the Det Norske Veritas Foundation and DNV. “The IMO’s recent decision to significantly tighten emissions targets for international shipping will spur the maritime industry to accelerate its transition. At DNV, we firmly believe that cross-industry collaboration is vital to achieving this goal and are working to share our deep and deep industry knowledge of maritime decarbonization hubs in key regions of the world. The establishment of the UAE Decarbonization Center in collaboration with the Ministry is another important milestone for the industry and we look forward to welcoming new partners in the future.”

The partners plan to open the center in early 2024.

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