Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announces plans to launch ethanol-powered vehicles in India by August

Union Minister for Roads and Motorways Nitin Gadkari has announced plans to introduce ethanol-only vehicles.

The CEO of Mercedes Benz spoke with Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, at a meeting in Nagpur about the company’s future focus on manufacturing all-electric vehicles. Gadkari underscored this meeting and the Chairman’s statement that only electric vehicles will be produced in the coming years.

The minister added that the Bajaj, TVS and Hero scooters will run on 100 percent ethanol.

The minister announced plans to launch the Toyota Camry in August, which will run entirely on ethanol and generate 40% of its own electricity.

He explained that the cost of ethanol at Rs 60 per liter would bring the average price down to Rs 15 per liter compared to the price of petrol which is Rs 120 per liter.

Gadkari also recently stated that truck manufacturers will soon be required to install air conditioning in driver’s cabins.

“Before I came to this event today, I signed the act mandating air conditioning in truck cabs. “We have to make sure the people driving the trucks are well taken care of,” Nitin Gadkari said at a recent auto industry event.

“Our drivers drive vehicles in harsh temperatures of 43 to 47 degrees and we have to imagine the condition of the drivers. After becoming a minister, I was keen to introduce the AC cabin. But some people objected, saying the cost of trucks would increase. Today I signed the file that all truck cabs will be AC ​​cabs,” he said at the event “Desh Chaalak – Recognizing those who move India” organized by Mahindra Logistics.

In addition, Gadkari also acknowledged the shortage of drivers in India, which forces truck drivers to work long shifts of 14 to 16 hours a day. He added that other countries have regulations limiting the length of stay for truck drivers. However, the minister did not set a deadline for the introduction of trucks with air-conditioned cabs. According to certain reports, the implementation should start in 2025.

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