Two reported missing as tugboats sink in Scotland

A rescue operation for two crew members was launched on Friday after a tugboat capsized and sank in the Scottish East India port.

The HM Coast Guard reports that the tug capsized off Custom House Quay in Greenock and was believed to have had two crew members.

“Just before 3.30pm, Coastguard rescue teams from Helensburgh and Greenock, a lifeboat from Helensburg RNLI and the Coastguard helicopter from Prestwick were dispatched to assist and searched the area,” the Coastguard said in a statement.

“Several vessels on the Clyde near the incident have also responded, including a MO Police vessel.

“Coast Guard involvement in the surface search ended at 8 p.m..”

witnesses said the BBC The tug escorted a small cruise ship identified as Hebridean Princess, when it suddenly capsized. First responders were there within minutes and climbed onto the tug’s overturned hull, but the ship sank shortly thereafter.

According to reports, the tug is the biter Affiliation with Clyde Marine Services.

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