Transworld Group’s Airavat Aviation launches sustainable luxury private air travel in the Middle East

Airavat Aviation (Airavat), a new company of Transworld Group, a leading global logistics conglomerate, will redefine luxury private jet travel in the Middle East with the launch of hyper-personalized services. Airavat’s fleet of super-midsize Hawker 4000 business jets is ready to take to the skies, offering on-demand flights to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East from its base in Dubai.

The Middle East and Africa jet charter market size is reported to grow from US$511.52 million in 2023 to US$851.90 million in 2028. With an eye on the growing luxury travel market in the region, Airavat aims to serve Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) and business leaders seeking safe, luxurious and environmentally conscious travel experiences and capture an 8-10% market share over the next five years. Airavat uses its state-of-the-art private jets, equipped with groundbreaking technology, ensuring passengers enjoy a seamless, flexible and discreet luxury travel experience.

“Today’s UHNWIs, HNWIs, business leaders and C-suites are not only striving for customized travel experiences, but are also increasingly environmentally conscious,” he said Ramesh S. Ramakrishnan, Chairman of Transworld Group. “With the launch of Airavat, we aim to introduce a new dimension of bespoke luxury that seamlessly blends aviation, travel and hospitality with sustainability. Building on the heritage of Transworld Group, Airavat, with its people focus, offers premium luxury private jet services for our customers.”

The strategic choice of Airavat routes also aims to strengthen India-Arab ties by facilitating private air travel between these regions. With the private aviation sector experiencing exponential growth, with some markets seeing increases of up to 150% compared to pre-pandemic years, the Middle East has emerged as a destination for unparalleled luxury experiences, innovative businesses and sustainable mega developments is known. This vibrant region attracts wealthy individuals and influential thought leaders from around the world.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Airavat has partnered with a registered NGO to plant trees for each flight, effectively offsetting the carbon footprint of their operations. This initiative contributes to the aviation sector’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, in line with global efforts to combat climate change.

Airavat’s entry into the luxury private jet market brings a new perspective to the region, combining opulence, comfort and environmental responsibility. As the demand for personalized and sustainable travel experiences continues to grow, Airavat aims to significantly enrich the market and offer discerning travelers a new level of luxury that leaves a lasting impression.

About Airavat Aviation

Founded by the world’s leading shipping and logistics conglomerate, Transworld Group, Airavat Aviation offers luxury private jet services and tailored experiences for high net worth business and luxury travelers. The Airavat fleet of mid-size business jets currently operates out of Dubai World Central Airport, connecting Europe, Africa and Asia to the Middle East.

Building on the legacy of the Transworld Group, founded by the late R. Sivaswamy in 1977, Airavat also offers a range of exclusively bespoke, environmentally conscious luxury air travel and concierge services. Committed to safety and excellence, the company is optimized for efficiency and adopts a socially and environmentally responsible approach with its carbon-neutral operations. Headquartered in Dubai, Transworld Group operates through a network of global offices, covering a full spectrum of end-to-end solutions from ship ownership, ship management, aircraft ownership, multimodal logistics solutions to integrated digital solutions. For more information, please visit:

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