Tiger Logistics introduces Freightjar, a freight booking platform

Tiger Logistics has launched its proprietary product “FreightJar” – a digital freight booking and management platform. In partnership with Make In India and PM Gati Shakti, Tiger Logistics has unveiled FreightJar to help India compete in the global market and enable logistic cost reduction.

FreightJar, an intuitive platform, aims to revolutionize the way exporters and importers manage their shipping needs and improve operational efficiencies. It solves and addresses existing supply chain challenges by providing access to better freight rates and introducing seamless flows across supply chain operations. It brings all the players involved in the logistics chain together under one platform and thus brings transparency to the entire logistics costs.

With FreightJar’s mantra “It’s easy”, a company can save up to 3-5 working days overall booking their freight and avoid the hassle of writing around 30-40 emails per shipment. This not only reduces logistics costs and saves time, but also allows them to become more sustainable in their global supply chain operations by reducing their carbon footprint.

“We built FreightJar from the ground up to overhaul our go-to-market approach and cater to India’s growing volume of exports. Overall, FreightJar’s goal is to help companies involved in exports and imports reduce their logistics costs, save time and deliver a superior customer experience to increase the operational efficiencies of their supply chains.”

Harpreet Singh Malhotra, Chairman and Managing Director of Tiger Logistics

It will provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that facilitates real-time freight rate lookup, instant freight booking, documentation automation and shipment tracking for improved accessibility, visibility and transparency in supply chains.

The platform will also offer and facilitate Cargo Value Financing solutions for exporters, allowing them to manage cash flow and apply for collateral-less financing options.

With rapid year-on-year growth, Tiger Logistics aims to fill a gap in the market that can be filled with a comprehensive digital freight booking and management platform. With the launch of this platform, the company aims to increase its sales and open its doors to untapped market segments such as SME and MSME exporters and importers.

According to a BCG report, automating manual processes can now reduce certain back-office and operational costs by up to 40%, while digitizing key parts of the sales process could further reduce the associated direct costs. As of 2022, the Indian digital freight forwarding market has been valued at around US$311 million and by the year 2027, the industry is projected to reach US$925 million (approx.).

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