The world’s first cricket cruise, set to sail July-August 2023

You can take a cricket cruise for the first time ever. That is reported Legends League Cricket has collaborated with ocean travel for the same, and the cruise offers multiple dining options, along with the finest premium wines and more.

According to reports, the Legends League Cricket Cruise will be open to fans of all ages and tickets are on sale now. This unique holiday getaway featuring cricket legends was recently announced. As a reminder, Oceanus Voyages has been offering luxury cruises around the Caribbean islands for more than three decades.

As for this unique event, four different cruises will set sail in July-August 2023 and each Legends League Cricket Cruise will be a week-long holiday, stopping at multiple locations such as Antigua, Georgetown, Trinidad and more.

With an emphasis on world-class entertainment and hospitality, the cruises offer a range of experiences tailored to both holidaymakers and cricket enthusiasts. From interactive workshops and autograph sessions to themed parties and live playing cards, the cruise offers an unparalleled blend of indulgence and sporting passion.

In this regard, Raman Raheja, CEO and co-founder of Legends League Cricket stated that this is a unique opportunity for cricket fans. He added that more than 1,000 fans will have the opportunity to be with legendary cricketers over a two-month period. The idea behind it is to involve the fans in every possible way, he explained.

This is the first time the cruise has revolutionized the cricket landscape by combining the luxury of a cruise and the thrill of the game. According to reports, around 8 to 10 well-known retired cricketers have already confirmed their participation in this mega event.

Tickets are available now and are open to fans of all ages.

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