The US government is investing $4 billion in decarbonizing ports

Specifically, The Clean Ports Program will invest $3 billion in technology to reduce harmful air and climate pollutants in US ports and create a zero-emission shipping future. The Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program will invest an additional $1 billion to reduce vehicle emissions and better protect the health of people who live and work near ports, schools and other truck routes.

We are transforming our nation’s infrastructure for the better while protecting the health of underserved communities that are too often overburdened by pollution, said EPA Administrator Michael S. Reagan.

The Clean Ports Program builds on EPA’s existing Ports Initiative and hopes to transform port infrastructure while encouraging investment in zero-emission port equipment and technology that reduce climate and air pollutants and improve air quality in ports and surrounding communities.

Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Program

The Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program provides funds to offset the cost of replacing heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission vehicles, provide the infrastructure needed to charge, refuel and service these zero-emission vehicles, and develop and train the necessary workforce.

Together, these programs aim to invest unprecedented resources in solutions that protect people and the planet while supporting the creation of high-paying jobs and economic prosperity in communities across the country.

I thank President Biden and Administrator Regan for their attention to Georgia’s ports and their support for Georgia’s economic development and environmental quality. said Senator Ossoff (GA)

Other Initiatives

As a reminder, just last week the Maritime Administration of the US Department of Transportation (MARAD) announced grants totaling $20.8 million to 27 small shipyards in 20 states through the Small Shipyard Grant Program. In addition, TOTE Services and Philly Shipyard organized a keel-laying ceremony for the third of five training ships for the Americas Naval Academy.

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