The US Coast Guard issues a warning after a marine accident that resulted in a loss of $6 million

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a Maritime Safety Advisory warning of the dangers of circumventing cargo line requirements. This warning comes after a recent marine casualty that resulted in the total loss of a sick boat estimated at over $6 million.

The incident happened about 18 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. The crane barge was being towed in calm weather when it capsized due to major changes to the barge layout and other conditions affecting its seaworthiness. The barge was not certified without a load line and the operator did not apply for a Single Voyage Exemption (SVLL) from any Coast Guard unit before crossing the line.

The boundary line specified in 46 CFR Part 7 states that ships without a load line that operate outside of it are subject to the penalties and fines specified in 46 USC 5116. The ship had also made several voyages outside the boundary line without a load line. Violating US legal requirements and endangering the ship and crew.

The Coast Guard warns that most merchant vessels 79 feet and over, whether inspected or not, are required to have a load line when operating outside the limit line. The Coast Guard strongly encourages ship owners and operators, and other relevant stakeholders, to review ship requirements for load lines as specified in 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Subchapter E, Parts 41 through 47 and further detailed on the Coast Guard pages Loadline website And Notes on the charging line directive.

Owners and operators should consult with the local Coast Guard early on when considering filing an SVLL exemption. This process is critical for ships without cargo liners to ensure the ship’s seaworthiness (ie hull condition, fastener integrity and satisfactory stability) for the duration of the intended voyage. Marine inspectors, investigators and experts are also encouraged to be aware of these issues and take corrective action if necessary.

The US Coast Guard Safety Alert serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with failure to comply with cargo line regulations. The USCG urges shipowners, operators and other stakeholders to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their crews and ships when operating outside the boundary line.

US Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert 06-23, Avoiding load line requirementsis now available from the Coast Guard security alert Property.

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