The Rail Cargo Group opens the first open rail traffic between Rijeka and Budapest

Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has launched a new regular common user rail service connecting the Croatian port of Rijeka to Budapest in Hungary via the Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (AGCT).

Although there are several train connections between Rijeka and Budapest, these are mainly reserved for private customers. The new rail service is a shared user service that allows carriers and individual customers to book the landside service directly with RCG.

“Currently there are several regular weekly block trains between Rijeka and various rail hubs in Budapest, Hungary, but all are dedicated rail connections. We are delighted that Rail Cargo Group has launched this initiative, which not only adds a shared rail service directly to the BILK terminal in Budapest, but connects from Budapest to the entire TransFER intermodal network across Europe. There is immediate potential for Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. “This initiative confirms AGCT’s growing importance as a gateway to Southern, Central and Southeastern Europe,” said Emmanuel Papagiannakis, CEO of AGCT.

“When comparing emissions from rail and road, it should also be noted that 24 kilos of CO2 emissions are saved for every tonne of goods transported by rail instead of by truck.” Our current share of rail and road is 47% , and we want to expand it further,” Papagiannakis continued.

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