The Ports of Los Angeles and Nagoya strengthen their ties by signing a new agreement

Officials from the ports of Los Angeles in the United States and Nagoya in Japan have signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) to expand collaboration on key sustainability and operational efficiency initiatives such as port community systems and supply chain digital information sharing, zero-emission vehicle and equipment testing and the establishment of a new green shipping corridor between the two ports.

The new three-year contract is an extension of the 2020 MoU.

“Today marks another important milestone in the longstanding partnership between the Ports of Los Angeles and Nagoya,” said Gene Seroka, general manager of the Port of Los Angeles.

The agreement calls for the exchange of best practices and information on operational efficiency issues such as the development, implementation and promotion of port community systems for end-to-end supply chain information sharing.

Both ports committed to continue working under the new agreement on the development and testing of zero-emission vehicles and equipment, environmental programs focusing on terminal operations, ships in port and dump trucks, and energy use and alternative energy sources.

The construction of a new green shipping corridor in the coming years, coordinated by a strategy to decarbonize ports, will be at the heart of the agreement’s sustainability efforts.

In addition, this project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cargo transportation between Nagoya and Los Angeles, as well as to support and encourage the use of low and zero carbon ships and fuels.

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