The port of Visakhapatnam is a leader in the country’s maritime exports

According to the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Visakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) is the country’s leading port with a 26.36% share in the marine products export segment.

In 2022–23, the port shipped 2.64 million tonnes of marine products worth ₹16,877 crore.

Another port, Krishnapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, also handled 18,832 tonnes of sea freight valued at ₹1187.4 crores.

In total, the country shipped 17,35,286 tons of marine products worth 63,969.14 crore ($8.09 billion) to various countries on the east and west coasts.

G. Vijaya, joint director of Visakhapatnam District Fisheries Department, said that Visakhapatnam has a huge fishing port and two adjacent ports. Government promotion of cultivation, quality products, hygienic conditions in packing areas, awareness camps and training are some of the reasons why Andhra Pradesh is at the forefront in seafood production and exportation, she added.

Alluri Indra Kumar, Andhra Pradesh Regional President of the Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI), said Andhra Pradesh, particularly around Visakhapatnam port, is home to a large number of seafood exporters. Exporters from neighboring Odisha also preferred the port of Vizag.

Frozen shrimp in India, which brought in ₹43,135.58 crore ($5481.63 million), maintained its position as the most significant item in the seafood export basket, accounting for 40.98% of volume and 67.72% of total dollar earnings .

“Shrimp exports increased by 1.01% in rupee value over the period. The total export of frozen shrimp in 2022 was estimated at 7.11.099 tons and the USA is the biggest market for us. However, Vannamei shrimp exports decreased by 8.11% from US$5234.36 million to US$4809.99 million in 2022 compared to 2021,” said MPEDA Chairman DV Swamy.

The country shipped 17.36 million tonnes of seafood worth US$8.09 billion in 2022-23 despite major adversity, Mr Swamy added.

Frozen shrimp remained the top export by volume and value, while the US and China proved to be the top importers of Indian seafood over the past fiscal year.

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