The port of Puducherry awaits cargo operations

The government has decided to start maintenance dredging of 2.5 million cubic meters of sand in the Port of Puducherry to keep the port navigable. However, there is no information about the start of cargo operations from the port.

After a long break of 18 years, great expectations were placed on cargo transportation from Puducherry. The ship – Global Logistics Solutions India’s MV Hope Seven – arrived at the port on March 2 with around 40 containers. But even after three months, deliveries have still not started. The ship was removed from port in April for repairs and has not yet returned.

The port of Puducherry has been seized for development under the Sagarmala project and has been prepared for operation since cargo transportation through the port (as a satellite port of Chennai) was completed through a memorandum of understanding. But the ship that arrived here was not operational and was being serviced.

After repairing the arm of the crane needed to lift the containers, both of the ship’s engines failed during a trial run in mid-sea and had to be towed back to port on April 6.

Jude Vallabhdas, CEO of Global Logistics Solutions India Private Limited, previously said the vessel will be repaired and put into service from April 15. However, the repair work was unsuccessful and a few days later the ship was taken to Chennai. Since then there has been no news of his arrival.

Port Director Mohammed Mansoor said: “The condition of the ship is poor as it has been used extensively. We expect them to develop a better ship.”

The government dealt with the problems related to power lines blocking trucks from transporting the container to and from the port. The loading and unloading dispute between two groups of fishermen was also settled. Despite the state spending so much on maintaining the port, there is still no sign of cargo traffic. However, exporters and importers from Puducherry and the surrounding area remain hopeful.

Several operators have expressed interest in starting operations. They want to handle bulk goods for which they need leased land. “Currently, the port has planned to only handle containerized cargo and we only expect those operators,” Mansoor added.

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