The port of Kolkata wants to advance the mechanization of cargo handling

Around 85% of cargo operations at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port (SMP) or Kolkata Port will be handled mechanically by 2030 and mechanization will require around Rs. 250 crore in capital investment, Kolkata Port Chairman Rathendra Raman said in his address at a conference organized by BNCCI.

“Our goal is to identify problems and weaknesses and take action to bring cargo traffic back to Kolkata. We have lost a lot of cargo traffic to Vizag Port lately and now we will work to reduce costs,” Raman said. The incursion of large ships into the Haldia port complex is a cause for concern.

“We would ensure the availability of floating cranes when the cargo volume exceeds five million tons. A number of projects are in the pipeline and if there is higher demand, especially from Southeast Asia, the port of Kolkata can once again be the go-to port when it comes to ports,” he added, speaking of the prospects for improving the port port system .

In his opinion, the India-Bangladesh Protocol can potentially eliminate rail travel between the countries, and trials are already underway.

BNCCI President Debashish Dutta said: “A smooth export to our neighboring countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh is not only a matter of business, but also a matter of international relations. The development of ports and warehouses requires the support of all parties involved.”

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