The Port of Kolkata is conducting a trial run of cargo transportation to a facility in Myanmar

The port of Kolkata, now known as Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port (SMP), will launch a cargo ship on May 4 to conduct a trial run for a facility in Sittwe, Myanmar, Union Minister Santanu Thakur said here on Tuesday.

The initiative is part of the Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport project.

The aim of the project is to provide an alternative connection to the north-eastern region from the port of Kolkata via the port of Sittwe to Palapprox in Myanmar by waterway and from Palapprox to Zorinpui by road in Mizoram.

A shipment of 300 tons of cement from Ramco Cements Limited will be exported to Myanmar and will reach the port of Sittwe on May 9, Minister of State for Sports, Shipping and Roads Santanu Thakur said on the sidelines of a congratulatory event by port users.

“This will connect Myanmar via inland waterways and open another gateway to the northeast via the port of Sittwe,” Thakur said.

Speaking at the event, SMP Chairman HL Harandh said the port has a cargo throughput target of 74-75 million tons in the current fiscal year.

In fiscal 2023, the port handled 65.66 million tons of cargo, a 12.87 percent growth over the previous fiscal year.

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