The port of Green Vadhavan is expected to be operational soon

The Government of Maharashtra has decided to accelerate the implementation of various Sagarmala projects in Maharashtra including Vadhavan Port. The decision was made at a joint review meeting between Ports and Shipping Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and Deputy Prime Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis.

“Officials have been ordered to ensure that Vadhavan Port, which the state government is developing as a green port, is operational as soon as possible,” Fadnavis said, speaking to reporters after the meeting.

A total of 126 projects worth ₹1,13,285 crore are currently underway in Maharashtra under the Sagarmala program. Of the 126, 46 projects valued at ₹2333 crore are partially funded by MoPSW and of which 37 projects valued at ₹1,387 crore are under the Maharashtra State Government, 9 projects valued at ₹279 crore have been completed. 18 projects valued at ₹777 crore are in progress and 10 projects valued at ₹331 crore are in the development phase.

The successful completion of the Sagarmala projects in Maharashtra will boost economic growth and improve maritime infrastructure. Immediate attention is needed to expedite the completion of 14 Sagarmala projects that have been delayed in Maharashtra for almost a year, Sonowal said after the meeting.

Vadhavan has natural drafts in excess of 18m which would allow very large container and cargo ships to call at the port, enhancing efforts to make India a key destination for major shipping companies and providing the capacity needed to to cope with future cargo growth in the hinterland served, Sonowal said, while emphasizing the importance of the earliest completion of the Vadhavan port.

Sonowal also said the meeting also discussed the concept of the “Coastal States Pavilion” to be developed at the National Maritime Heritage Complex.

“Here Maharashtra has a unique opportunity to showcase its rich maritime heritage which would be state sponsored and to which the Government of Maharashtra can make a significant contribution,” the minister added.

“When completed, Vadhavan Port will be among the top ten ports in the world in terms of container traffic. The expansion of the port will change the image of the area. Industry development and job creation will be promoted. The departments concerned should submit proposals for carrying out various development works in the area. There should be a separate demarcated area for fishing activities. In order to create a qualified workforce, training programs should be implemented. Officials have also been instructed to provide facilities in the region that meet the needs of the people of that region,” Fadnavis said while describing the discussions at the meeting.

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