The global air freight tonnages in June show an improvement compared to the previous year

Air freight tonnage for the full month of June was -4% yoy, an improvement from May at -6% yoy, while April was still -10% yoy.

Average interest rates stabilized by about -38% yoy throughout June, it said.

Figures for week 26 (June 26th to July 2nd) show a similar decrease in tonnages (-4%) and a slight increase in average global air freight prices, week on week (WoW), based on the more than 400,000 weekly transactions recorded Data from WorldACD.

Comparing weeks 25 and 26 to the previous two weeks (2W2W), total tonnages decreased by -3% compared to the totals in weeks 23 and 24, with capacity increasing by +1% and average global rates remaining stable.

At the regional level, large decreases outside Europe were observed in the Middle East and South Asia (-14%), between the Middle East and South Asia and Asia-Pacific (westward -5%, eastward -9%) and between Africa and Europe ( Northbound -11%, Southbound -5%), partly related to the Eid al-Adha holiday at the end of June.

Additionally, notable changes included a drop from Asia-Pacific to North America (-6%) and a jump in the other direction, from North America to Asia-Pacific (+10%), the data said.

On the price side, regional-level average rates remained stable on a 2W2W basis, with two notable exceptions: on flows from the Middle East and South Asia to Asia-Pacific (-10%) and from North America to Asia-Pacific (-5%), added it.

year perspective

Comparing the overall global market at this time last year, billed weight decreased by -7% in weeks 25 and 26 compared to the same period last year, mainly due to the decrease in tonnages outside North America (-13%) and outside Europe (-11%) and outside Asia-Pacific (-5%).

The only increase was seen outside of Central and South America (+3%), according to WorldACD Market Data.

Total capacity is up +11% year-on-year, with capacity outside Asia-Pacific up a whopping +30%. Other double-digit percentage increases year-on-year included traffic from the Middle East and South Asia (+15%) and Africa (+13%), while traffic from Central and South America saw a sharp decline (-8%).

Global median prices are currently -38% below their levels around this time last year, averaging $2.39 per kilo in week 26, although they remain well above pre-Covid levels (+35% vs June 2019), he added.

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