The captain claims a leisure trip while towing a barge Ship’s crew

Australia has fined the captain of a Sydney-based merchant ship for violating a condition on his ship’s certificate of operation.

The March 20 conviction follows a successful indictment by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions on behalf of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

A Marine Safety Inspector from Transport for New South Wales, acting on behalf of AMSA, intercepted the vessel near North Bondi in November 2020. During the inspection, the captain claimed the voyage was a leisure rather than a commercial voyage, although he was towing a barge with commercial construction equipment at the time.

AMSA Manager of Enforcement and Inspector Support David Marsh highlighted the seriousness of the matter, saying: “This breach of a certificate of operation demonstrates precisely the kind of recklessness that commercial ship operators cannot afford – it not only endangers the safety of people, property and the marine environment, it also tarnishes the reputation of the industry.”

The captain was fined AUD$5,000 in this case.

The conviction and fine serve as a reminder for all commercial vessel operators to comply with the regulations and requirements set out by AMSA to ensure the safety of all people and the environment.

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