The backlog of Saudi supertankers off Egypt is growing again Ship’s crew

From Prejula Prem (Bloomberg) —

Saudi Arabia-owned supertankers are again crowding the coast of Egypt after signs earlier this week that the backlog is clearing.

The number of supertankers moored near Egypt’s port of Ain Sukhna – which lies at the southern end of a pipeline linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean – has risen to eight. At its peak, ten ships were stationed off the coast of Egypt.

Six of the tankers, with a capacity of about 12 million barrels, are Saudi-owned and will be loaded at the Kingdom’s Red Sea port of Yanbu. The group’s first tanker has now been floating for 20 days.

The other two Chinese ships, also carrying crude oil from Saudi Arabia, have been waiting offshore for more than 50 days.

More details about the ships:

In my opinion Surname Class Arrived at days anchored port of loading
9358292 Newton VLCC May 11th 57 Ra’s Tanura
9358280 Noble VLCC May 15th 53 Juaymah
9336098 layla VLCC 17th of June 20 Yanbu
9223887 Naturally VLCC June 21st 16 Yanbu
9384239 Karan VLCC June 24th 13 Yanbu
9484730 I was wrong VLCC June 28th 9 Yanbu
9484716 niban VLCC June 30th 7 Yanbu
9220952 harad VLCC July 6th 1 Yanbu

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