The backlog of Saudi crude oil tankers at Ain Sukhna is beginning to clear Ship’s crew

By Julian Lee (Bloomberg) –

The backlog of Saudi-owned supertankers that has accumulated off the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt is beginning to clear.

The number of country-owned tankers anchored near Ain Sukhna, a port at the southern end of a pipeline linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, has fallen to five from a peak of eight in mid-June, according to vessel tracking data monitored by Bloomberg.

Along with two Chinese ships, also carrying crude oil from Saudi Arabia, they have been waiting for days, weeks and months.

Tankers that were previously anchored there unload their cargoes, usually every two days and after a waiting period of three to four weeks.

During the month of June, the number of new ships leaving port slowed from once every other day at the beginning of the month to around one every four days towards the end.

So far in July, no Saudi VLCCs have arrived off Ain Sukhna, but the Harad is scheduled to be there on July 7 and the Khurais was last seen on July 2, embarking on a cargo of Saudi crude oil at the Yanbu South Terminal. Both ships have previously transported cargoes between Yanbu and Ain Sukhna.

More details about the ships:

In my opinion Surname Class Arrived days anchored Remarks
9358292 Newton VLCC May 11th 55
9358280 Noble VLCC May 15th 51 U-turn in the Indian Ocean after sailing to Japan
9484716 niban VLCC 28th of May 22 Released on June 19th
9858450 samha VLCC 31. May 21 Released on June 21st
9332535 Wafrah VLCC 01 June 22 Released on June 23rd
9220952 harad VLCC 03 June 24 Released on June 27th
9783679 Khurais VLCC 04 June 25 Released on June 29th
9237797 lulu VLCC 06 June 27 Released on July 3rd
9384198 The demonstration VLCC 07 June 24 Dismissal on July 1st
9421415 Arzan VLCC June 11th 24 unloading
9336098 layla VLCC 17th of June 18
9223887 Naturally VLCC June 21st 14
9384239 Karan VLCC June 24th 11
9484730 I was wrong VLCC June 28th 7
9484716 niban VLCC June 30th 5

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