Tamil Nadu is emerging as India’s largest electronics exporter, tripling its exports to $5.37 billion in FY23

In 2020-21, Tamil Nadu accounted for 11.98 percent of India’s total US$15.59 billion in electronic goods exports. However, according to the central government, that figure was 22.83 percent, based on a total value of $23.57 billion.

In the current fiscal year, Tamil Nadu continued to lead the trend and was the largest exporter, followed by Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

Tamil Nadu is now home to over 15 leading electronics manufacturers including Foxconn, Tata Electronics, Salcomp and Pegatron.

In FY23, Tamil Nadu exported US$5.37 billion worth of electronic goods, while Uttar Pradesh was second with US$4.90 billion and Karnataka third with US$4.52 billion. In FY22, Karnataka was the top exporter of electronics at US$3.87 billion; Uttar Pradesh was second at $3.77 billion; Maharashtra ranked third with $2.08 billion.

In a social media post, Guidance Tamil Nadu said new players are entering the state while existing manufacturers are expanding their production capacity, demonstrating their trust in the state. Tamil Nadu continues to encourage innovation, attract investment and encourage entrepreneurship in the electronics sector.

N. Ramachandran, former President of the Electronic Industries Association of India, said the main reasons behind Tamil Nadu’s performance are the good industrial climate supported by the Tennessee government, the availability of a skilled or trainable workforce, especially women with high productivity and the good logistical connection to the airport .

A stable and secure power supply and an increasing supply chain to support production are other reasons the state is doing well in electronic goods, he said.

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