Tall ship Bark EUROPA tips over in the dry dock

The operator of the historic tall ship BARK EUROPE has confirmed that the ship was damaged after falling over in dry dock while trying to get her back in the water. The incident happened in Cape Town, South Africa last week and one crew member was slightly injured.

In a statement, the operator said the full extent of the ship’s damage was being assessed, making it difficult to determine when sailing operations could resume. The crew is actively working to address and resolve the situation, while the necessary steps to proceed are still being considered.

The EUROPE The next scheduled departure, scheduled for June, could be affected by the accident.

Known for its winter expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, the ship has a long history dating back to its construction in 1911 at the Stülcken shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. It was originally called “Senator Brockes” and was commissioned by the state of Hamburg as a lightship for the German Elbe.

Over time, the EUROPE has undergone significant changes and transformations. In 1986 it was transported to the Netherlands, where it underwent an extensive renovation and remodeling process over a period of eight years. The ship’s interior was redesigned, including the cabins, galley and public areas, while the exterior was also renewed by converting the ship to a three-masted barque configuration.

Currently based in Scheveningen, The Hague, The Netherlands EUROPE offers space for 48 trainees and 16 crew members. As an official sail training ship, it offers students the opportunity to actively participate in deck activities and receive instruction in sailing the ship.

As the operator continues to assess the damage and determine the necessary repairs, the future voyages and adventures of the BARK EUROPE remain uncertain.

“Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get our lady BARK EUROPE to be fully operational again as soon as possible”, BARK EUROPE said in his statement.

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