Stena bulk tankers managed by Crowley selected for MARAD’s tanker safety program Ship’s crew

Three tankers managed by Crowley have been selected by the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) to participate in the Tanker Security Program (TSP), which aims to ensure fuel stockpile availability for the US Department of Defense in times of need, Crowley confirmed Tuesday.

The three selected medium-haul tankers –Stena immaculate, Stena imperativeAnd Stena perfect– are part of a joint venture between Crowley and Stena Bulk USA.

As part of their participation in the program, ships will be re-designated as U.S. registered ships with U.S. crews. While they will continue international commercial operations, their participation in the TSB means they can also be chartered at short notice in support of US military operations.

The Tanker Security Program is a public-private partnership initiative created to maintain an initial fleet of 10 US-flagged product tankers operating in the international trade sector. The fleet will be available to the Department of Defense to ensure fuel supplies in times of armed conflict or national emergencies. The TSP program is modeled after MARAD’s existing Maritime Security Program (MSP) and is designed to meet national defense and security requirements.

Participating companies will receive a $6 million annual stipend for each ship entered.

Crowley and Stena Bulk have previously worked together to meet government and military energy needs. In 2022, Crowley secured the Military Sealift Command charter contract for the Stena Polarisan Ice-class tanker responsible for supplying the US Department of Defense with fuel in the Arctic, Antarctic and Mediterranean regions.

Last month Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) also announced that three of its medium-haul tankers –Overseas Santorini, Overseas MykonosAnd Overseas Sun Coast– had been selected to participate in the tanker safety program.

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