Steel Authority Of India (SAIL) signs eParivahan – a Kolkata-based startup – as its new logistics partner

eParivahan, a Kolkata-based startup, the leading new-age logistics automation platform, is pleased to announce the signing of a significant two-year pan-India deal with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL). This partnership marks a milestone for eParivahan, a startup that continues to revolutionize logistics operations for prestigious companies. eParivahan offers an online service that simplifies and improves the procurement of on-demand road transport. Their platform is designed to be useful, reliable, affordable, modern and intelligent to meet the changing needs of the logistics industry. eParivahan is proud to have been instrumental in transforming the operations of renowned companies such as Polycab Wire, Elegant Steel, Shyam Ferro Alloys, Captain TMT, Konark Roofing, Ramco Cements, Ajanta Shoes, Captain Steel and many more, doing 10-15 % save on their logistics costs annually. eParivahan serves as an impetus for Honorable Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision through the National Logistics Policy (NLP), which aims to introduce an integrated and technology-enabled approach to logistics operations to bridge the efficiency gap that India needs to reduce logistics costs by 13 -14% of GDP to single digit percentages. eParivahan also thanks Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Government of India for his support in believing in smart logistic solutions.

On that occasion, Mr. Athar Ayub, Deputy Director General, Steel Authority of India, stated, “We are delighted to announce our two-year agreement with eParivahan, a pioneering new-age logistics automation platform.” This partnership reflects our commitment to introducing innovative solutions to revolutionize our logistics processes. By leveraging eParivahan’s advanced platform, we aim to improve our supply chain efficiency, optimize cost savings and drive operational excellence. We believe this collaboration will play a crucial role in transforming our logistics processes, ensuring on-time deliveries and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. eParivahan saves us 4-5% of our logistic expenses per year. We look forward to a successful partnership with eParivahan as we embark on the journey of digitally transforming our logistics operations.”

Mr. Amit Saraogi, Managing Director of Nouriture by Anmol Feeds and eParivahan Incubator, stated: “We are extremely proud to have secured a two-year contract with the Steel Authority of India (SAIL) in East India, which marks a significant milestone for eParivahan.” . This collaboration demonstrates the trust placed in our New Age Logistics Automation platform to revolutionize logistics operations. We are confident that with eParivahan’s advanced solutions, SAIL will achieve greater efficiencies, cost savings and seamless coordination of its transportation processes. We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey together and supporting SAIL in achieving its logistics goals. eParivahan commends the support of the Honorable Prime Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee for the smooth processes and facilitation of doing business in Bengal. It is her inspiration that a Bengal based startup has won a significant contract from a public sector giant like SAIL. ”

At its core, eParivahan specializes in providing end-to-end logistics solutions with a human-run platform 24/7/365 without BOT support. They help to streamline the entire logistics process and provide customers with significant cost savings. Their advanced platform eliminates the need for GPS devices and leverages our unique GSM technology for accurate vehicle tracking of over 99% of the fleet. This ensures optimal planning, risk management and timely delivery of goods for the valued customers. One of their standout features is the procurement management module that offers a reverse bidding platform. This platform enables companies to efficiently manage and execute their logistical procurement needs, resulting in remarkable cost savings of 5% to 12% while improving operational efficiencies.

We pride ourselves on their expertise and industry-leading customer support. Each customer is assigned a dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) who ensures smooth operations, promptly attends to any software-related issues and provides unparalleled service to their customers. Their extensive network of logistics partners (over 1500) across India ensures access to real-time updates on multiple bidders’ rates, enabling seamless connections with reliable suppliers. The tendering process is comparative, which reduces freight costs and makes vehicle procurement hassle-free for customers. The convenience of having multiple pick-up and drop-off facilities enables our services to be even more customized and adds value to our customers’ logistics processes.

This contract with Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) in East India is a testament to the confidence placed in eParivahan’s capabilities. With technology-driven processes and extensive supplier network, SAIL is sure to find quick solutions to its transportation challenges and increase operational efficiencies. For a startup, working with SAIL is indeed a commendable achievement. Of note is the ability to demonstrate the value that eParivahan brings to the logistics industry. eParivahan team will create more jobs in Bengal through a successful and mutually beneficial partnership. Together they want to reach new heights in logistics automation, cost savings and real-time analytics, driving the successful implementation of Industry 4.0.

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