Start-up partnership between Cubo Maritime and PIER71 for Brazil and Singapore

Brazilian company Cubo Maritime & Port, which has become a hub for startups and has united more than 90% of Brazil’s startups in one year of operation, has announced that it has entered into an informal partnership with the Singapore-based company PIER71 has closed.

Both partners have agreed to promote mutual innovation competition and encourage the active participation of Brazilian and Singaporean naval tech startups to facilitate interested Brazilian and Singaporean naval tech startups to enter each other’s countries. and connecting them with relevant ecosystem partners.

Since 2018, PIER71TM has built a marine tech startup ecosystem in Singapore with a strong international reputation. As part of their annual Smart Port Challenge competition, they have worked with more than 50 industry partners to develop more than 100 innovation opportunities; and have supported over 100 start-ups from different countries.

Enterprise Singapore, an agency of the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, will coordinate the scouting of start-ups for these challenges and support the start-ups in entering the Brazilian market. Other planned initiatives include the organization of B2B matching and networking opportunities, as well as the exchange of ideas and knowledge between entrepreneurs from both countries.

Cubo Maritime & Port should launch a project aimed at developing ESG start-ups focused on decarbonization and other solutions for ship technology integration, remote or autonomous operation of ships and port equipment, and collaboration and data exchange are discussed .

Cubo Maritime & Ports was founded by Cubo Itaú and sponsored by industry specialists Wilson Sons, Porto do Açu and Hidrovias do Brasil. Since its inception, the hub has offered executive mentoring programs for startups, as well as business networking and knowledge development events.

In 2022, the startups earned more than US$18 million and received a total of over US$5.2 million in financial grants. These entrepreneurs anticipate that by joining Cubo Maritime & Port, sales will increase by more than 60% on average in 2023 compared to 2022. In terms of staff and the number of customers, the start-ups expect an increase of 30% in each of these areas.

Late last year, Wilson Sons made a financial contribution to Argonáutica and acquired a minority stake in the Brazilian start-up that developed innovative Dynamic Draft technology, which optimizes the loading and docking of ships at port terminals.

In collaboration with Argonáutica, Wilson Sons implemented the new operating system for its Tugboat Operation Center (COR) in Santos (São Paulo). For greater operational efficiency, safety and sustainability, the new ArTeMIS system developed by Argonáutica began this month monitoring the company’s fleet of 81 tugboats on the Brazilian coast in real time. One of its distinctive features is the integration with external data sources for checking the weather conditions in the ports, including tides, currents and wind.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented moment in the industry where new technologies will make port operations and shipping ever more efficient, safer and more sustainable,” said Wilson Sons Digital Transformation Director Eduardo Valença.

“We must translate this scenario into efficiencies by promoting the emergence, development and diffusion of start-ups with impactful solutions for our industry,” he added.

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