Ships with a draft of 10m can now dock in Chattogram Harbour

From now on, ships with a maximum length of 200 meters and a draft of 10 meters can dock in the port of Chattogram, the country’s main seaport.

Chattogram port authorities issued a circular on Sunday.

According to the circular signed by the port’s deputy conservator, ships with a LOA of up to 10m draft and 200m length will be able to dock at jetties in real time, depending on the prevailing hydrological conditions.

Ships with a maximum draft of 9.5 m and a length of 150 m are currently allowed to dock at the terminals.

Chittagong Port Authority Deputy Conservator Faridul Alam said it was a milestone for Chattogram Port.

With the publication of the circular, the journey to docking larger ships has begun.

A ship with a draft of 9.5 meters and a length of 190 meters can transport 2,500 to 2,600 containers, while a ship with a draft of 10 meters can transport 3,800 to 4,000 containers in the port. Likewise, larger cargo ships can carry more than 15,000 to 20,000 tons of open cargo.

In 2022, the port increased its berth capacity, and a vessel with a draft of 10 meters and a length of 200 meters docked at the port’s Chittagong Container Terminal (CCT) for a trial run on January 16 this year. Then, on February 26, another ship of this size docked at the Patenga Container Terminal.

Shipping sector traders had expressed negative reactions for failing to issue a circular after two months of successfully attempting to dock larger vessels at two of the port’s terminals.

In this regard, The Business Standard published a March 18 news item headlined “Chatogram Port’s increased berth capacity remains idle due to circular delay”. The Chittagong Port Authority issued a circular a day after the news was released.

According to shipping industry insiders, cargo transportation costs and processing time will decrease due to the expanded berths.

Bangladesh Shipping Agents Association Chairman Syed Mohammad Arif welcomed the issuance of the circular allowing larger vessels to dock at the port breakwaters.

However, he urged port authorities to allow the 10-metre bulkers to dock under the expanded berthing facilities at the terminals.

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