Shipping companies can save thousands of dollars a day by entering into service contracts

Container ships, tankers and other types of ships are equipped with increasingly advanced equipment that the crew on board cannot maintain or repair without the help of specialists. If the systems don’t work due to a lack of maintenance, the ships are often not allowed to put out to sea, which costs the shipping companies thousands of dollars. As a result, more and more shipping companies are entering into service contracts with equipment suppliers like Green Instruments, who specialize in developing advanced measuring instruments for the maritime industry to ensure compliance with new, more stringent environmental regulations.

Shipping companies enter into service contracts with suppliers of advanced technical equipment, primarily to mitigate the risk of their ships being idle due to inadequate equipment maintenance. Green Instruments, a specialist in the development, manufacture and sale of measuring instruments for the maritime industry that meet the increased environmental requirements of recent years, is observing this trend with interest.

“We are seeing a significant increase in shipping companies choosing service contracts to ensure the proper functioning of mandatory scrubber system monitoring equipment. Poor maintenance of this equipment can result in costly delays and the need to switch to more expensive zero-sulphur oil. The resulting additional fuel costs can easily exceed US$20,000 per day for container ships. At Green Instruments, we specialize in developing, manufacturing and selling measuring instruments for the maritime industry that comply with the stricter environmental regulations of recent years.” says René B. Christensen, CSO of Green Instruments and continues:

“Service agreements between shipping companies and equipment suppliers such as Green Instruments offer a number of benefits, including reduced risk of costly breakdowns, improved equipment efficiency and durability, and reduced risk of accidents and damage. Regular maintenance through such agreements allows shipping companies to predict maintenance costs and avoid expensive and unexpected repairs. In addition, direct access to equipment suppliers such as Green Instruments ensures quick help and support for equipment issues, resulting in greater peace of mind for shipping companies.”

With new regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and local environmental regulations from the EU, USA and China, Green Instruments is experiencing an increasing demand for emission measurement and other devices that can track emissions from ships. Shipping companies are also subject to closer scrutiny by local authorities for exceeding the specified limit values ​​for exhaust gas and water.

Green Instruments has set up service offices in key locations around the world such as Singapore, China, USA, South Korea, Dubai, Netherlands and Denmark to ensure rapid assistance to its customers. This allows the company to dispatch technicians and spare parts quickly, with technicians able to board within 24 hours, regardless of their location, to provide fast and efficient support.

Five-year contract with the shipping company Unix Line

Green Instruments recently signed a five-year service contract with shipping company Unix Line PTE LTD for a service contract on nine chemical tankers. Unix Line had taken ships out of warranty on the scrubbers and needed a service partner.

“Unix Line wanted to improve safety on board and ensure that the shipping company complies with international regulations. So they needed a customized service contract that met their specific needs for monitoring and measuring their scrubber water, and they got it from Green Instruments. Among other things, we take care of ongoing maintenance and spare parts,” says René B. Christensen.

Green Instruments regularly experiences that shipping companies only react when they urgently need help – for example, when the ships’ monitoring systems are not working due to lack of maintenance.

“Although our service personnel can be on board the ships within a short time, it makes more sense for everyone if shipping companies enter into a service contract as this includes ongoing maintenance of the equipment, minimizing the risk of error. Shipping companies have become much more aware of this,” says René B. Christensen.

Crews lack time or skills

Although much more advanced equipment was installed on ships, ships’ crews were generally not trained in maintaining or repairing the equipment. This means that the crew on board are unaware that the equipment needs to be serviced at set intervals.

“In the past, chief engineers had exclusive knowledge of the ships’ engines and boilers, but today most employees have neither the knowledge nor the time to maintain and repair the advanced technical equipment on the ships, which can have serious consequences for the shipping companies,” he says René B. Christensen and continues:

“The number of staff on board is the same or less than before, but there are many more things they need to keep an eye on. The complexity is much greater than it was just a few years ago, and the crews cannot be experts in everything.”

About green instruments

Green Instruments specializes in emissions control, water and gas monitoring, hazard detection and energy optimization technologies to ensure more sustainable and safer ship operations. Green Instruments is a solid global company with extensive experience in monitoring and analysis, and the company’s products can also be used in industry. Green Instruments A/S was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Denmark with additional offices in the United States and Singapore.

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