SCR posts record performance in both passenger and cargo segments in April

The South Central Railway (SCR) recorded its best-ever performance in April this year in both passenger and freight traffic.

The zone achieved passenger revenue of ₹465 crore in April 2023, marking the segment’s highest-ever profit for April in a fiscal year. This is also the second-best monthly earnings of any fiscal year.

The growth spurt was also seen in the number of originating passengers: 21.90 million were carried in April 2023, compared to 17.23 million in April 2022, a growth of 27.10 percent.

In addition to the regular trains, the zone introduced additional special trains during this period to meet summer passenger demand and deployed 65 special trains, resulting in 464 trips in April 2023 to meet the passenger rush. This helped carry an additional 3.39 lakh passengers on revenue of ₹26.60 crore for the month.

In the cargo segment, the zone recorded 11,298 tons of cargo loading in April 2023, which is also the best cargo loading ever achieved in April in a fiscal year. That is almost 7.5 percent more than the corresponding charge last year. At the same time, freight revenue is up 18 percent this year, totaling ₹1,106 crore in April 2023, compared to ₹937 crore in the same month last year.

Coal continued to lead the growth of the SCR’s total cargo load, with a 13 percent growth and a contribution of 5.98 tonnes of cargo. Other significant raw materials that contributed to SCR’s total cargo load include cement (2.95 million t), food grain (0.52 million t), fertilizer (0.547 million t) and iron ore (0.278 million t). t).

The Zone has placed particular emphasis on expanding its cargo basket, opening up new traffic flows while strengthening existing flows of goods. Proactive measures combined with on-time delivery of wagons has resulted in an average of 5,732 wagons being delivered to freight customers per day.

The success would definitely boost staff morale and help drive engagement for the remainder of the fiscal year, SCR general manager Arun Kumar Jain said in a press release.

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