Saudi ports record 6.79% growth in container volumes in June

The Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) recorded a 6.79% year-on-year increase in container numbers at its trade hubs in June, handling 685,645 TEUs compared to 642,024 TEUs in 2022.

The monthly statistics also show a 9.90% increase in exported containers from 192,507 TEUs to 211,568 TEUs last month, while imported containers increased by a slight 0.12% to 205,046 TEUs compared to 204,798 TEUs last year.

A similar trend was evident in throughput, with an increase of 9.93% to 269,031 TEU compared to 244,719 TEU in the previous year.

A total of 1,858,175 tons of foodstuffs were transported through the ports of Mawani, exceeding last year’s throughput of 1,574,632 tons by 18.01%.

Livestock imports, on the other hand, showed the best growth trend of all categories, jumping 101.1% from 990,190 to 1,991,248 cattle in June 2023. Likewise, automobile units imported into the Kingdom increased by 5.87% to 68,511 vehicles yoy of 64,713 vehicles.

However, cargo volume fell by 6.23% from 27,003,127 tons in the previous year to 25,320,536 tons. These figures include 675,449 tonnes of general cargo, 4,194,465 tonnes of dry bulk and 13,199,403 tonnes of liquid bulk.

Kingdom ports also saw a 4.75% increase in ship traffic, docking 993 ships this year compared to 948 ships last year. Likewise, last month, 67,579 travelers used the country’s maritime gateways, up 58.26% year-on-year (42,701 travelers).

The national regulator for maritime transport has introduced a number of industry-leading innovations to automate and optimize overall productivity and efficiency. This is part of an effort to build a 40 million TEU port network within the Kingdom, which is a crucial step in transforming the country into a global logistics destination as envisioned in the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS).

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