Saudi container volume up 7.8% in February

Handling of 622,837 TEUs in February 2023 was 7.76% higher than the 577,993 TEUs recorded in February 2022. Container export volume increased by 12.75% to 172,208 TEU while imports increased by 5.95% to 193,937 TEU; transhipments increased by 5.39% to 234,743 teu.

Cargo volume declined 3.13% year-on-year to 23,089,455 tonnes, led by a 13.16% decline in liquid bulk volumes to 11,772,089 tonnes. Dry bulk rose 2.9% to 3,879,366 tonnes and general cargo fell 77.2% to 639,843 tonnes.

Livestock increased by 218.37% to 337,231 head of cattle and automobile imports increased by 33.99% to 81,600 head.

“In February, 883 ships docked in Saudi ports, up 4.87% from 842 ships in the same period last year. Passenger numbers also followed a similar trend, with arrivals increasing 61.16% to 100,903 passengers compared to 62,611 passengers in 2022,” Mawani said.

Mawani also announced that Saudi Arabia became the first Arab country to sign the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) convention.

The signing of the International Maritime Aid Organization Agreement follows a recent visit by Mawani President Mr. Omar Hariri to the IALA Headquarters in Paris, where he and IALA Secretary General Francis Zachariae discussed technical cooperation between the IALA and Mawani .

“The Kingdom’s ratification will allow the adoption of best practices and standards for safe navigation in waterways and port areas through the use of Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) to reduce maritime casualties, protect life and property at sea and safeguard the marine environment . ‘ Mawani said.

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