Saudi Arabia is expanding its infrastructure to become a global logistics hub

Saudi Arabia’s strategic location connecting Asia, Africa and Europe has fueled the country’s goal of becoming a global logistics hub for the three continents.

It also helped the kingdom become a leader in the logistics and transport sector as it consolidates the country’s network of 72,000 km of roads, including 3,690 bridges and 76 tunnels.

This comes as the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Services is examining effective plans to connect the far-flung regions and shorten distances between cities.

In addition, the ministry has planned to facilitate the procedures related to the arrival and movement of visitors, tourists and pilgrims to the two holy mosques.

According to a recent report, 56 roads totaling 1,610 km will be added in 2022, and 608 bridges and 37 tunnels will be inspected to ensure infrastructure is safe and sound.

The Kingdom has also strengthened its aviation network over the past year by opening King Salman International Airport and two terminals of King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh, expanding Al-Qaisumah Airport and completing the institutional transformation of 25 airports in the Kingdom.

In addition, the Kingdom operated daily flights to transport passengers to Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The infrastructure boost meant that 88 million passengers flew last year, although cargo transport reached 623,000 tons.

The rail networks also recorded growth of 115 percent to 5.8 million passengers last year compared to 2021.

The Al-Mashaaer Al-Mugaddassah subway line transported over 1.3 million pilgrims during the Hajj season last year.

In addition, over 23 million tons of minerals and goods were transported by trains, a 9 percent increase from 2021.

The railway sector also saw significant launches, including the project to connect the Northern and Eastern Networks, the Jubail Inner Network, the Al-Qurayyat passenger train and the car freight service via Northern Railway passenger trains.

The report revealed that the train network kept 1.8 million trucks off the UK’s roads.

The National Transport and Logistics Strategy launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2021 is a key driver in strengthening the Kingdom’s position as a global logistics hub.

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