Samsung Heavy presents new ship designs Ship’s crew

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) unveiled its redesigned ships at a recent technology roadshow in Europe.

The South Korean shipbuilder is targeting its European customers, including those in Greece, Great Britain and Italy, with new concepts for LNG tankers and eco-container ships.

An introduced LNG unit has three cargo tanks instead of the traditional four, an improved boil-off rate of more than 5% and, according to Samsung Heavy, significantly lower maintenance costs as less equipment and parts are required for each hold.

This design was developed jointly with French LNG cargo container specialist GTT and received approval in principle from class society Lloyd’s Register.

The container ship design that SHI presented in Athens this week will in future enable propulsion with methanol and ammonia. In addition, a new concept for separating the operating and living areas was introduced in order to secure additional loading space of up to 8%.

Samsung Heavy has launched several solutions for the next generation of ships, including carbon capture and storage technologies, fuel cells, ammonia and hydrogen, as well as the development of autonomous and smart ships. The shipbuilder has also recently developed a blueprint for a next-generation floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) production facility, destined for a sector set to earn $35 billion in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts by the end of 2019 US dollar awaits 2027.

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