Samskip orders two hydrogen-powered short-sea container ships Ship’s crew

European multimodal logistics provider Samskip has confirmed an order for two hydrogen fuel cell powered vessels for its Western European routes.

The company signed a shipbuilding contract with India’s leading shipyard, Cochin Shipyard Ltd, to build the ships.

Upon commissioning, the ships will be among the world’s first zero-emission short-sea container ships to run on green hydrogen. The project is part of Samskip’s initiative to work with the Norwegian government’s green support program, which aims to achieve zero-emission transport solutions through the use of sustainable and innovative future technologies.

The ships are said to save 25,000 tons of CO2 per year in emission-free mode and achieve emission-free operation in ports by using green shore power.

Samskip Group CEO Kari-Pekka Laaksonen said the initiative is an important step in achieving the company’s sustainability goals, set out in its latest sustainability report.

“We have continually practiced what we preached because sustainability is in our DNA and we invest in the future; the future for green logistics, our planet, our economy and the next generation of seafarers, and we are certain that this project will be game changer,” said Laaksonen.

The ships were designed by Naval Dynamics AS, who congratulated Samskip on signing the contract for the two SeaShuttle container feeder ships.

“Ordering 2 vessels is a milestone project for all parties involved as it is a true zero emission hydrogen fuel cell powered vessel,” said Naval Dynamics AS.

Cochin Shipyard Chairman Madhu Nair said the collaboration strengthens the shipyard’s position in the global league of pioneers in sustainable green future technology.

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