Sail Powered Shipping Company, EcoClipper, on maiden voyage Ship’s crew

EcoClipper, a zero-emission freight company, has set sail for the first time.

EcoClipper is a sustainable shipping company founded in 2018 that uses sailing cargo ships to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of sea transport.

Use the tuckerEcoClipper, a converted 1912 sailing ship, makes its first delivery from Amsterdam to Porto.

the tucker is capable of carrying 12 people and 50-70 tons of cargo. For the maiden voyage, the ship will have a crew of ten and a cargo of Dutch chocolate.

“After a year of professional refitting by our own refit team and the Talsma shipyard team, it was a great pleasure for me to watch the tucker Sail toward the horizon. This is the next step in the return to large-scale transport by sailing ship at sea,” said Jorne Langelaan, Founder and CEO of EcoClipper.

EcoClipper plans to produce its own cargo ships called EcoClipper500 to match retrofit ships. The EcoClipper500 can carry up to 48 people and 500 tons of cargo.

the tucker will deliver to several ports in Northern and Western Europe, including the major ports of Amsterdam, Porto and London. EcoClipper is open to a future extension of the route.

the tucker is currently crossing the Bay of Biscay and is expected to arrive in Porto on May 13th.

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