Russia uses ship-to-ship diesel transfers for transatlantic exports Ship’s crew


MOSCOW, April 5 (Reuters) – Russia has started transporting diesel ship-to-ship (STS) near African ports as it seeks transatlantic sales, according to dealers and Refinitiv Eikon.

A full EU embargo on Russian oil products on February 5 has boosted Russian diesel exports to Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with STS shipments in the Mediterranean helping shorten eastern routes.

Last month, Russia sent about 1.0 million tons of diesel to African countries, some of which could be re-exported, traders said.

“Some quantities could be mixed and resold or transshipped to reduce freight costs on the long routes,” said one trader.

About 42,500 tons of diesel, which was loaded onto the cargo ship Bourda in the Baltic port of Primorsk in late February, was transferred from ship to ship to the tanker Marlin Aquamarine near the port of Lomé in Togo, according to Refinitiv Eikon.

According to Refinitiv, Marlin Aquamarine is currently en route across the Atlantic towards the port of Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost island nation in the Caribbean.

Russian diesel shipments to Lomé nearly doubled to about 200,000 tons in March, data from Refinitiv showed.

Around 30,000 tons of Russian diesel were also transferred to the tanker Savanna near the Nigerian port of Lagos, according to Refinitiv.

STS transfers near Lomé and Lagos are frequently used for the delivery of diesel and petrol, transhipping such cargoes from large Aframax and Panamax tankers to vessels capable of calling at smaller ports.

(Reported by Reuters; Edited by Jason Neely)

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