Record throughput of iron ore in a single day at DPA Port, Kandla

Deendayal Port, Kandla handled a record export of 60,163 tons of iron ore in a single day on 05/27/2023 (07:00 on 05/26/2023 to 07:00 on 05/27/2023) on the vessel mv Royal Award at CJ-9 .

The Deendayal Port Authority appreciated the synergy of the stevedore M/s. Vardhan Shipping & Logistic, shipping agent Ambica Logistics P. Limited, exporter Mahakaleshwar Mines & Minerals and port officials were involved in achieving this record.

The ship docked at 02:00 on 05/26/2023, loading started at 05:30 on 05/26/2023 and the total amount of 75,490,000 tons was loaded in 39 hours, with the loading of the ships on May 27, 2023 at 8:30 p.m. The ship had no gearbox, so all cargo was loaded with the help of HMC at Deendayal Harbour

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