Real-time container tracking via myKN from Kuehne+Nagel

Congestion and capacity constraints have recently made container visibility an absolute necessity for supply chain management. The new container dashboard in Kuehne+Nagel’s myKN online platform uses data from a Geosystem cloud solution to enable customers to track all their containers in real time. In addition, it reduces the manual effort involved in identifying milestones and current deviations from the planned schedule. Not only does it increase accuracy and productivity by eliminating previous white spots in supply chain visibility, but it also enables early preventive action on the cargo.

Multiple data sources for increased accuracy

The Container Dashboard is part of the myKN digital solution from Kühne+Nagel. Notifications on the next milestones such as pickup or departure improve the transparency of the customer’s door-to-door transport chain. This includes pre-carriage and on-carriage, demurrage and detention as well as transshipments. A new user interface lists container flows and dwell times, and highlights deviations from the original carrier plan. Long-term analysis enables customers to reorganize routes where the dwell time is consistently exceeded. The underlying real-time geosystem collects and integrates telemetry as well as multiple internal and external industry data sources, such as: B. Carrier data, terminal information, route maps and vessel tracking to improve the accuracy of the estimated time of arrival.

An improved customer experience

Otto Schacht, Member of the Executive Board of Kuehne+Nagel International AG, responsible for Maritime Logistics, says: “To meet the demands of today’s markets, shipping visibility must enable logistics companies to identify exceptions in real time and before an order is placed to take preventive measures.” is disturbed. The Container Dashboard gives our customers an unprecedented advantage in exception management. Supported by Kuehne+Nagel’s global network, which offers a wide range of alternative shipping options, in the event of discrepancies or delays in the route planner, our expert teams can react more quickly and set new dates. This development is in line with our Roadmap 2026, which aims to strategically expand the Kuehne+Nagel digital ecosystem for a better customer experience.”

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